That's my mom.  She was born in 1934 on a farm in Northern Iowa.  When I was growing up - her hands were always covered in garden dirt.  She grew lots of the food I was raised on.  And then, she cooked.  Her food is still talked about to this day.  The stuff they say legends are made of.  She sent me to culinary school; having more faith in me than anyone I've ever known.  Truth be told, she could've probably run a restaurant herself with all the hours she logged in listening to me.

Our motto at Ila is:

"If you wouldn't feed it to your Mom, don't serve it to our Guests".  Some of Mom's favorites are on our menu - hint... she was an original Midwestern girl.  We've added a few twists here and there; we hope you will enjoy.

We are dedicated to bringing you the most delicious, local and sustainable foods we are able to source.  When possible, we enjoy using organic and gmo free foods.  All of our canned tomato products and tofu are organic.  Of course we recycle and use environmentally friendly take-away containers.  Please relax and indulge as we bring you a few of our favorites.